Quantum Computing

Since its inception in June 1983, RIACS has conducted basic and applied research in computer science for the nation's aeronautics and space-related missions and programs. In 2012, USRA partnered with NASA and Google to found the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL): the space agency’s hub to evaluate the near term impact of quantum technologies.

The mission of RIACS quantum computing team is to advance the industry and the body of knowledge in quantum information related sciences, and to continue to provide to its partners the most qualified technical support to address hard challenges in applied computer science.




Public kickoff of the USRA-NYSTEC-AFRL QIS Program

Today, in Utica NY, Dr. Davide Venturelli is presenting at the first international AFRL-SUNY workshop on Quantum Information Science the new USRA program in collaboration with NYSTEC. The event will feature international participation, the full agenda is available at this link.

July 7th, 2019 Workshop