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USRA Q2B Applied NISQ Computing Paper 2021 Award

USRA and QC Ware are pleased to announce the USRA Q2B Applied NISQ Computing paper award. Submissions are open. One winner will be awarded an invitation for the main author to present their paper at Q2B 2021 (including a full ticket and paid travel allowance) as well as a selection between a prize based on the awardees' preference of up to $2,000 credits on QC Ware Forge platform or up to $5,000 of AWS Promotional Credit for use on Amazon Braket. Use of AWS Credit is subject to conditions of the user's AWS Account and the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.

Proposals will be evaluated on their merit across multiple factors, as detailed in the Award Submission Instruction Document.

2021 ANISQ Award Sponsors

Past Winners

Awardee Award Type Affiliation Paper Q2B presentation

Submit a Paper for the Award

Please upload the cover letter/synopsis of the paper as indicated in the Award Submission Instruction Document. Size must not exceed 12 MB.

File must be in PDF, Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX format.