2018 Adiabatic Quantum

Computing Conference


The 2018 Quantum Computing Conference would like to recognize and thank QC-Ware for sponsoring publication of the conference video presentations.

Eleanor Rieffel - Quantum Heuristics and Applications

Ryoji Miyazaki - Verifying Potential of the Coherent Ising Machines

Jaspreet Oberoi - Big Data Visualization Using Quantum Annealing Based Clustering

Masayuki Ohzeki - Quantum Clustering by D-Wave Machine - Assessment, Application, Implementation

Kotaro Tanahashi - Global Mutual Information Based Feature Selection by Quantum Annealing

Juan Atalaya-Chavez - Bacon-Shor Code with Continuous Measurement of Gauge Operators

Tadashi Kadowaki - Interpolating Quantum and Classical Dynamics and QA Application

Yigit Subasi - Quantum Algorithms for Linear Systems of Equations Inspired by Adiabatic Quantum Computing

Davide Venturelli - Investigations of the D-Wave 2000Q Machine as Optimizer for Problems Represented by Fully Connected Graphs

Wolfgang Lechner - Programmable Superpositions of Ising Configurations

Helmut Katzgrabber - Quantum-Driven Classical Optimization

Mario Koenz - Uncertain Fate of Fair Sampling in Quantum Annealing and Embedding Penalties.

Pooya Ronagh - Discrete Optimization using Quantum Annealers

Salvatore Mandra - NASA's UFO: a Unified Framework for Optimization

Shunta Arai - Acceleration of Adaptive Quantum Monte Carlo Sampling for a class of Non-Stochastic Hamiltonian by using D-Wave 2000Q

Vaibhaw Kumar - Computing Protein-Ligand Binding Free Energy Using Quantum Annealing

Steve Adachi - Quantum-Assisted Training of Neural Networks

Guillaume Verdon - Quantum Approximate Boltzmann Machines

Elizabeth Crosson - Thermal Stability in Universal Adiabatic Computation

Sebastiano Pilati - Quantum Tunneling in Projective Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations and the Role of Neural Network States as Guiding Functions

Itay Hen - Quantum Annealers as QMC Simulators

Daniel Lidar - Less Chaos, and Why Only the End Matters

David Roberts - Scaling of Incoherent Tunneling at Frustrated Bottlenecks of Quantum Annealing

Tameem Albash - Implementation Errors in Analog Ising Optimizers

Keisuke Fujii - Quantum Speedup in Stochastic Adiabatic Quantum Computation

Yuki Susa -  Acceleration of Quantum Annealing by Individual Control of the Transverse Field

Mark Novotny - A Small-World Search for Quantum Speedup

Lucas Brady - Evolution-Time Dependence in Near-Adiabatic Quantum Evolutions

Baris Ozguler - Steering Random Spin Systems to Speed Up the Quantum Adiabatic Algorithm

Frank Wilhelm - Environmental Effects in Quantum Annealing Beyond Standard Models

Evgeny Mozgunov - Master Equation for Adiabatic Quantum Computing

Denis Melanson - Tunable ZZZ Coupler for Quantum Annealing with Superconducting Flux Qubit

Chunqing Deng -  Demonstration of Sign- and Magnitude- Tunable Transverse Field in a Superconducting Flux Qubit with Microwave Dressing

Adrian Lupascu - Multi-Spin Measurements for Superconducting Quantum Annealers

Trevor Lanting - Next Generation QA Hardware

Eleanor Rieffel - Closing Remarks