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Featured ArXiv Papers: October 15th - November 14th, 2019

The noisy-intermediate-scale-quantum (NISQ) Computing newsletter is a curated ArXiv Digest published once a month by the USRA Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science. We feature exclusively experiments and algorithms that advance the field of applied quantum computing in existing hardware. The team of editors collaborates with the NASA Ames Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL) to produce the content.

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NISQ Experiments

Experiment: Superconducting

Crossing a topological phase transition with a quantum computer

Authors: Adam SmithBernhard JobstAndrew G. GreenFrank Pollmann
Published: October 15th, 2019

Quantum Algorithms for Mixed Binary Optimization applied to Transaction Settlement

Authors: Lee BraineDaniel J. EggerJennifer GlickStefan Woerner
Published: October 15th, 2019

An Improved Implementation Approach for Quantum Phase Estimation on Quantum Computers

Authors: Hamed MohammadbagherpoorYoung-Hyun OhPatrick DreherAnand SinghXianqing YuAndy J. Rindos
Published: October 28th, 2019

Quantum Synchronization on the IBM Q System

Authors: Martin KoppenhöferChristoph BruderAlexandre Roulet
Published: October 29th, 2019

Cancer Detection Using Quantum Neural Networks: A Demonstration on a Quantum Computer

Authors: Nilima MishraAradh BisaryaShubham KumarBikash K. BeheraSabyasachi MukhopadhyayPrasanta K. Panigrahi
Published: November  5th, 2019

Experimental Simulation of Hybrid Quantum Systems and Entanglement on a Quantum Computer

Authors: Farai MazhanduKayleigh MathiesonChristopher ColemanSomnath Bhattacharyya
Published: November  5th, 2019

Experiment: Analog/Quantum Annealing

Multilevel Combinatorial Optimization Across Quantum Architectures

Authors: Hayato Ushijima-MwesigwaRuslan ShaydulinChristian F. A. NegreSusan M. MniszewskiYuri AlexeevIlya Safro
Published: October 23rd, 2019

Fairness evaluation during the conceptual design of heat grids with quantum annealers

Authors: Kelvin Loh
Published: October 23rd, 2019

Estimating the Density of States of Boolean Satisfiability Problems on Classical and Quantum Computing Platforms

Authors:  Tuhin Sahai Anurag Mishra Jose Miguel Pasini Susmit Jha
Published: October 30th, 2019

Quantum Computing based Hybrid Solution Strategies for Large-scale Discrete-Continuous Optimization Problems

Authors: Akshay AjagekarTravis HumbleFengqi You
Published: October 30th, 2019

Scaling advantage in quantum simulation of geometrically frustrated magnets

Authors: Andrew D. KingJack RaymondTrevor LantingSergei V. IsakovMasoud MohseniGabriel Poulin-LamarreSara EjtemaeeWilliam BernoudyIsil OzfidanAnatoly Yu. SmirnovMauricio ReisFabio AltomareMichael BabcockCatia BaronAndrew J. BerkleyKelly BoothbyPaul I. BunykHolly ChristianiColin EnderudBram EvertRichard HarrisEmile HoskinsonShuiyuan HuangKais JooyaAli KhodabandelouNicolas LadizinskyRyan LiP. Aaron LottAllison J. R. MacDonaldDanica MarsdenGaelen MarsdenTeresa MedinaReza MolaviRichard NeufeldMana NorouzpourTravis OhIgor PavlovIlya PerminovThomas PrescottChris RichYuki SatoBenjamin SheldanGeorge SterlingLoren J. SwensonNicholas TsaiMark H. VolkmannJed D. WhittakerWarren WilkinsonJason YaoHartmut NevenJeremy P. HiltonEric LadizinskyMark W. JohnsonMohammad H. Amin
Published: November 11th, 2019

Comparison of D-Wave Quantum Annealing and Classical Simulated Annealing for Local Minima Determination

Authors: Yaroslav KoshkaM.A. Novotny
Published: November 11th, 2019

Experiment: Photonic

Boson sampling with 20 input photons in 60-mode interferometers at 1014 state spaces

Authors: Hui WangJian QinXing DingMing-Cheng ChenSi ChenXiang YouYu-Ming HeXiao JiangZ. WangL. YouJ. J. RenemaSven HoeflingChao-Yang LuJian-Wei Pan
Published: October 23rd, 2019

Universal programmable photonic architecture for quantum information processing

Authors: Ben BartlettShanhui Fan
Published: October 23rd, 2019

Experimental Collision-Free Dominant Boson Sampling

Authors: Jun GaoZhi-Qiang JiaoRuo-Jing RenXiao-Wei WangXiao-Yun XuWen-Hao ZhouLu-Feng QiaoXian-Min Jin
Published: October 24th, 2019

NISQ Algorithms

Algorithm: Machine Learning 

A simple approach to design quantum neural networks and its applications to kernel-learning methods

Authors: Changpeng Shao
Published: October 22nd, 2019
A framework for deep energy-based reinforcement learning with quantum speed-up
Authors: Sofiene JerbiHendrik Poulsen NautrupLea M. TrenkwalderHans J. BriegelVedran Dunjko
Published: October 29th, 2019

Quantum Circuit Parameters Learning with Gradient Descent Using Backpropagation

Authors: Masaya WatabeKodai ShibaMasaru SogabeKatsuyoshi SakamotoTomah Sogabe
Published: November 1st, 2019

Quantum State Discrimination Using Noisy Quantum Neural Networks

Authors: Andrew PattersonHongxiang ChenLeonard WossnigSimone SeveriniDan BrowneIvan Rungger
Published: November 4th, 2019

Quantum Algorithms for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Authors: Iordanis KerenidisJonas LandmanAnupam Prakash
Published: November 4th, 2019

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Convolutional Neural Networks

Authors: Junhua LiuKwan Hui LimKristin L. WoodWei HuangChu GuoHe-Liang Huang
Published: November 11th, 2019

Algorithm: Optimization

The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm and the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model at Infinite Size

Authors: Edward FarhiJeffrey GoldstoneSam GutmannLeo Zhou
Published: October 21st, 2019

Robust Control Optimization for Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm

Authors: Yulong DongXiang MengLin LinRobert KosutK. Birgitta Whaley
Published: November 2nd, 2019

Mapping NP-Hard Problems to Restricted Adiabatic Quantum Architectures

Authors: Gary J. MooneySam U.Y. TonettoCharles D. HillLloyd C.L. Hollenberg
Published: November 4th, 2019

Solving Multi-Coloring Combinatorial Optimization Problems Using Hybrid Quantum Algorithms

Authors: Young-Hyun OhHamed MohammadbagherpoorPatrick DreherAnand SinghXianqing YuAndy J. Rindos
Published: November 5th, 2019

Reinforcement-Learning-Based Variational Quantum Circuits Optimization for Combinatorial Problems

Authors: Sami KhairyRuslan ShaydulinLukasz CincioYuri AlexeevPrasanna Balaprakash
Published: November 13th, 2019

Portfolio rebalancing experiments using the Quantum Alternating Operator Ansatz

Authors: Mark HodsonBrendan RuckHugh OngDavid GarvinStefan Dulman
Published: November 14th, 2019

Algorithm: Simulation

Noise-Resilient Quantum Dynamics Using Symmetry-Preserving Ansatzes

Authors: Matthew OttenCristian L. CortesStephen K. Gray
Published: October 15th, 2019

Projected Cooling Algorithm for Quantum Computation

Authors: Dean LeeJoey BonitatiGabriel GivenCaleb HicksNing LiBing-Nan LuAbudit RaiAvik SarkarJacob Watkins
Published: October 18th, 2019

A Domain-agnostic, Noise-resistant, Hardware-efficient Evolutionary Variational Quantum Eigensolver

Authors: Arthur G. RattewShaohan HuMarco PistoiaRichard ChenSteve Wood
Published: October 23rd, 2019

Is the Trotterized UCCSD Ansatz usefully well-defined?

Authors: Harper R. GrimsleyDaniel ClaudinoSophia E. EconomouEdwin BarnesNicholas J. Mayhall
Published: October 24th, 2019

Quantum equation of motion for computing molecular excitation energies on a noisy quantum processor

Authors: Pauline J OllitraultAbhinav KandalaChun-Fu ChenPanagiotis Kl BarkoutsosAntonio MezzacapoMarco PistoiaSarah SheldonStefan WoernerJay GambettaIvano Tavernelli
Published: October 30th, 2019

Collective optimization for variational quantum eigensolvers

Authors: Dan-Bo ZhangTao Yin
Published: November 1st, 2019

Quantum simulation by qubitization without Toffoli gates

Authors: Mark SteudtnerStephanie Wehner
Published: November 4th, 2019

A Small, Highly Accurate Quantum Processor for Intermediate-Depth Quantum Simulations

Authors: Nathan K. LysneKevin W. KuperPablo M. PoggiIvan H. DeutschPoul S. Jessen
Published: November 11th, 2019

Algorithm: Benchmarking, Software Tools, Compilation

Compilation by stochastic Hamiltonian sparsification

Authors: Yingkai OuyangDavid R. WhiteEarl Campbell
Published: October 15th, 2019

An approximate description of quantum states

Authors: Marco PainiAmir Kalev
Published: October 24th, 2019

Using Spectral Graph Theory to Map Qubits onto Connectivity-Limited Devices

Authors: Joseph X. LinEric R. AnschuetzAram W. Harrow
Published: October 28th, 2019

Optimization of CNOT circuits on topological superconducting processors

Authors: Bujiao WuXiaoyu HeShuai YangLifu ShouGuojing TianJialin ZhangXiaoming Sun
Published: November 1st, 2019

XACC: A System-Level Software Infrastructure for Heterogeneous Quantum-Classical Computing

Authors: Alexander J. McCaskeyDmitry I. LyakhEugene F. DumitrescuSarah S. PowersTravis S. Humble
Published: November 7th, 2019

Algorithm: Other

Sampling-based sublinear low-rank matrix arithmetic framework for dequantizing quantum machine learning

Authors: Nai-Hui ChiaAndrás GilyénTongyang LiHan-Hsuan LinEwin TangChunhao Wang
Published: October 15th, 2019

Quantum-Inspired Classical Algorithms for Singular Value Transformation

Authors: Dhawal JethwaniFrançois Le GallSanjay K. Singh
Published: October 15th, 2019
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