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The RIACS NISQ Computing Newsletter is a monthly curated digest of the latest preprints that are impacting the field of near-term quantum computing. We feature exclusively experiments that advance the field of applied quantum computing in existing hardware, or theoretical/engineering advances tightly connected to experimental realization in the near term.

The NISQ Experiments and Architectures category covers research preprints that include the use of an programmable quantum processor with the objective of executing an applied computation. It includes as well architectural designs and other proposed experiments that are strictly connected to an application of quantum computing.

The NISQ Algorithms category covers research preprints that innovate the field of quantum computing applications, specifically for simulation of quantum systems, machine learning or optimization. The “other” subcategory can cover cryptography, linear algebra and quantum-inspired methods. The subcategory dedicated to “Benchmarking, Compilation and Software Tools” is meant to highlight specific studies that advance the understanding of signatures of quantum advantage, and toolchains that are directly impacting the performance of applications.

If a preprint is both experimental and theoretical, it will be primarily featured in the experimental category.

Anyone can suggest a paper to be considered in the newsletter.

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Identifiers for arXiv articles have the form YYMM.NNNNN, e.g. 1507.00123 or YYMM.NNNN, e.g. 0704.0001.
Links for arXiv articles have the form https://arxiv.org/abs/YYMM.NNNNN e.g. https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.11271.
Links for sciRate articles have the form https://scirate.com/arxiv/YYMM.NNNNN e.g. https://scirate.com/arxiv/2005.11271.
Identifiers and links for arXiv or sciRate articles may have the PDF extension at the end in the form YYMM.NNNNN.pdf, https://arxiv.org/abs/YYMM.NNNNN.pdf, or https://scirate.com/arxiv/YYMM.NNNNN.pdf.
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