Quantum Computing

QIS Resources

USRA conducts quantum computing research, development and education programs that engage a broad ecosystem of collaborators from universities, government organizations, and the private sector. There are multiple ways to collaborate including obtaining time on quantum computing hardware; collaborating on research and education projects involving quantum devices, quantum algorithms and quantum applications; and collaborating on research and education proposals to funding organizations.

Research on D-Wave 2000Q (Cycle 4 - Call for Proposals)

USRA, NASA, and partners are soliciting proposals to run experiments on the D-Wave quantum annealer hosted at Ames Research Center. Proposal will be evaluated on their merit across multiple factors, as detailed in the proposer’s guide.

Submissions for Cycle 3 of the research program are currently closed. Please check this website in May 2020 for information on Cycle 4 program.

AFRL Quantum Information Science Workforce Development Program

The USRA-NYSTEC-AFRL QIS program has the objective of the program are to enable the current and future workforce in emerging QIS technologies related to Computing, and develop further the Quantum Computing User Community. The program supported the material of the Q2B conference and the coursework at the Airforce Institute of Technology AFIT.

NSF SpecEES Project: Advancing the Wireless Spectral Frontier with Quantum-Enabled Computational Techniques (QENeTs)

This project running 2019-2021 is investigating a multitude of new communications receiver decoding algorithms that are amenable to be used in hybrid setting with NISQ quantum computers. The designed methods will be tested on real hardware and benchmarked against the best known classical approaches. In addition to spectral efficiency, the project will also consider how quantum-enabled techniques can improve the energy efficiency of massive multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) algorithms. More info on the project website.